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    _all tables and views - suggestion in R12

      Hi, I am trying to send one output file on invoice , and check information in R12

      from ap_invoices_all, ap_checks_all

      I can see org_id in both tables

      As of now we have only one org_id in this table as 102,
      Can some one tell which is the best way to get this data from pl/sql

      Do i need to set org info in my pl/sql
      MO_GLOBAL.SET_POLICY_CONTEXT('S',p_org_id); -- where p_org_id is create one parameter with operating unit on concurrent program

      derive the org_id based on this parameter value
      and pass to _all tables

      or should i use views example ap_invoices, ap_checks

      Which is the best approach because tomorrow if they add one more operating unit this should work.

      Appreciate your response.