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    Enabling the use of Associated Specifications within Product Specifications

    Guillermo Palomino
      I want to turn on the Associated Specification field within a Product specification under the Related Specs tab.

      I have successfully enabled the section by adding the following line to the CustomerSettings.config:

      <add key="6501" value="SearchableView:Config:ProdikaSettings/SearchableMultiSelectViews,ProductSpecAssociatedSpecView" />

      So the above line, enabled the section but the search functionality returns an error when I try to "Add New".

      My hunch is that I am pointing to a search screen that does not exist as I renamed that last piece as "ProductSpecAssociatedSpecView" hoping that it was a valid view.

      Does someone know what the correct Searchable view is?
      Is it something that I can change myself?

      Thank You,
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          Here's the instructions for configuring Associated Specs. Based on your description it sounds like the view name you are referencing doesn't exist in the Extensions\GSMSpecViews.xml file.

          1.     Define the EQT Searchable View Model
          a.     Open %PRODIKA_HOME%\Extensions\GSMSpecViews.xml
          b.     Create a new view by pasting a copy of <CompleteAssociatedSpecView></CompleteAssociatedSpecView>
          c.     Rename your copied <CompleteAssociatedSpecView> to <ProductSpecAssociatedSpecView>
          d.     Remove all Allowed Models that you do not want to be available. See Figure 1
          e.     Save & Close

          2.     Configure on the Associated Specification
          a.     Open %PRODIKA_HOME%\Config\Custom\CustomerSettings.config
          b.     In <AssociatedSpecsConfiguration configChildKey=”key”>, add the following key:
          <add key="6501" value="SearchableView:Config:ProdikaSettings/GSMSpecViews,ProductSpecAssociatedSpecView" />
          See Figure 2
          c.     Save & Close

          3.     Open the Data Admin Toolkit widget for Associated Specification Types
          4.     Switch the type to Product Specification (6501)
          5.     Click Add New
          a.     Add a Host Name (ex. Parent)
          b.     Add a Target Name (ex. Child)
          c.     Change Status to Active
          See Figure 3
          6.     Click Save
          7.     Run the generated script against the DB
          8.     Restart IIS
          9.     Login to GSM, open a Product Spec and test