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    the problem of  filter data in dimension

      there are one security setting requirement, for example, a sales manger can only view the saler he managed. my solution is filter data in project owner dimension in BMM,
      add the below code in the tab "where" of logic table source.
      CASE WHEN VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION."groupRole") = 'salerManager'
      THEN MarketCoverage.MarketCoverage.dbo.OppFact2.PRJ_OWNER_ID ELSE 'N/A' END IN ( VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION."List_of_Saler"))

      now , in the dashboard, if the report has column has the dimension of "Project owner", then the data filter is all right .
      but if the report has no column of "project owner", then it will show all data ,can't filter the data.

      any one has comments? thanks in advance.