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    LOV issues in adf 11g

      HI all,

      i have complex query and which returns the output as shown below . The data base table doest have the below shown columns ,All the columns names framed using the sql query itslef .

      When i run the query , the below out put will genrates .
      sample output:
      Type1Id Type1name Type2Id Type2Name Type3Id     Type3Name
      123     ABC     234     DFG     123     SDF
      234     DFG     123     ABC     123     EFG
      123     ERT     234     FGH     234     FRD
                          234     345

      Typq1name ,Type2Name ,Type3Name are dependent lov's .

      Example: on first Lov's If we change the Type1name ,then using the corresponding value(i.e.type1id) have to display the corresponding Type2Names in second drop down(Lov) .
      simillarly for third.

      i want to create a dependcies LOV's for the above table result
      Since table doest have the above columns ,i coudn't fallow the normal LOV Creation appraoch .please suggest the how can i proceed for this scenarios in ADF11g