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    Multilingual Capabilities in Admin Tool

      Hello all again!

      I would like, also, to ask about the Multilingual Capabilities in the Admin Tool Metadata.

      These are the steps that I have followed but with no result, if you can identify where is the missing point, it would be really great!

      1) I chose in the Presentation model Externalize Display Names -> Generate custom name

      2) I run the Externalize Strings Utility and created the .csv file

      3) I have customized the csv file with 3 columns:
      a) the session variable which will be created within Answers as MSG_NUM
      b) the one that holds the translation as MSG_TEXT
      c) the one with the language abbreviation: en for English and fr for french for example as LANG_ID

      4) I have created a table "TRANSLATIONS" in my database and uploaded the file

      5) I have created a new connection pool for this table

      6) I added an initialization block to determine the language the user logs in with the following select in the Edit Data Source
      select 'valueof (nq_session.weblanguage)' from dual

      and in the Edit Data Target

      I created a new variable called it lang with default initializer with the value 'en'

      7) I have added another initialization block with the following select in the Edit Data Source
      select MSG_NUM, MSG_TEXT
      WHERE LANG_ID = 'valueof (nq_session.weblanguage)'

      and in the Edit Data Target I checked the Row-wise initialization

      8) I have put the Edit Execution precedence to start with the first initial block

      I restarted the presentation services and then I should see the english translation when I log in as english, the french translation when I log in as french.

      Any gaps???

      Thank you very much!

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