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    Code suggestions

      Hi All,

      I am planning to write a code for mobile application for the below requirement.

      1. I want to build an application which is used in Mobile/PC as well. There it may be created an icon like " HELP"
      a) if you clicked on it it will display the home page. in home page you can see like " Welcome to our site" and "please enter the below information" messages.
      b) Under Information message you can see the text boxes like Name :
      City : (drop down list)
      State : ( drop down list)
      Contact_Number :
      Mail_ID :

      Submit(button) Cancel

      c) once you entered the information and clicked on SUBMIT button it will navigate to other screen there you can see the below
      Yor are looking for : Deptname (drop down list A - Z)
      City : <Drop Down List>
      State : <Drop Down list>
      PIN :


      once you clicked on SUBMIT button it will show you the address of that particular departments which are available in the given city. so there is ADDRESS : (BOX -- contains address)

      once you find the address here can see the buttons SUBMIT and CANCEL buttons. there you can see one more box like " Please Enter your requirement" : < In box we can enter the data>

      once we entered the data then click on SUBMIT button once everything is completed it will show you the message " Thank you and will contact you soon" message.

      Then Finally there is button called "CLOSE" once you clicked on it , the whole page should close.

      So could you please suggest me is this whole thing is possible to write a C++ program (including ANDROID APK &NDK).

      If possible please share your thoughts to start writing the code.


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