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    OIM 11g R2 Auditing

      I have auditing (sys property XL.UserProfileAuditDataCollection) set to Process Task which should capture all the events according to the docs found at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E27559_01/admin.1112/e27149/system_props.htm#BACGIDCH.

      I bounced the OIM managed server and changed a user's email address. It seems like it doesnt add an entry in upa_usr table for the change. Does OIM 11g R2 store these info in other tables?
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          Hey Dj,

          No, It stores into same Upa_tables. Probably the SQL you are doing mybe wrong or missing something. Try this join below:
          from usr b, upa_usr c, upa_fields a
          where 1=1
          and c.usr_key=b.usr_key
          and a.upa_usr_key = c.upa_usr_key
          and upper(b.usr_email) like upper('%thiago.leoncio%') and upper(b.usr_login) like upper('%thiago.leoncio%')
          order by a.upa_fields_key desc

          I hope this helps,
          THiago Leoncio.
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            So I created a new user in OIM and ran this simple query to see. There are no entries for that user in upa_usr table. I also tried changing his employee state and email address but it didn't get audited.
            select * from upa_usr where usr_login like '%COLEMAN%';
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