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    Where in the bc4j framework is the real implementation of interface methods

      I was going through a ADF for forms and 4 GL developers and came across following code.

      package devguide.examples.client;
      import oracle.jbo.client.Configuration;
      import oracle.jbo.*;
      import oracle.jbo.domain.Number;
      import oracle.jbo.domain.*;
      +public class TestClient {+
      +public static void main(String[] args) {+
      String amDef = "devguide.examples.UserService";
      String config = "UserServiceLocal";
      ApplicationModule am =
      ViewObject vo = am.findViewObject("UserList");

      +while (vo.hasNext()) {+
      Row curUser = vo.next();
      System.out.println(vo.getCurrentRowIndex()". "++
      curUser.getAttribute("UserId")" "++


      I wanted to understand that findViewObject returns an interface of type ViewObject.Since ViewObject is an interface so it does not have code implementation of any of its method like hasNext or next.Where in the framework is the actual implementation of these methods ?