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    ORA-1450 while installing the repository

    Brian Bakula
      I was trying to use the DMU utility on a database on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.7 (Tikanga) 2.6.18 274.7.1.el5 (64-bit). I got the error listed below when trying to create the repository. Has anyone else encountered this or have any workarounds for it? The plan is to upgrade this database to on new hardware. It will be going from WE8ISO8859P1 to AL32UTF8 in the process.

      29.13:56:32:529;P035;S;10042 Encountered an error while installing the repository: error occurred during batching: ORA-01450: maximum key length (3118) exceeded

      29.13:56:32:531;P035;S;10008 Failed to install repository.
      29.13:56:33:211;P035;I;10016 Uninstalled the repository.
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          The DMU repository requires a tablespace with block size of 8k or above. Please try the following for DMU 1.1:

          1) Create a tablespace with 8k block size
          2) Change the default tablespace of the SYSTEM user to use this newly created tablespace
          3) Install the DMU repository on the new tablespace
          4) Reset the SYSTEM user to use the original tablespace