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    Reporting tool database structure

      I am about to create a business intelligence tool, but I don't know how to store the created reports. I want some reports in which I have determined which tables and fields should be printed with the correct JOINS.

      Perhaps I shouldn't make it any more difficult than storing the SQL for each report. It will just make difficult to edit the report. I thought there were a smart way the most tools used.

      Does anyone have any experience in such tools?
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          Barry Mcgillin-Oracle
          You can create a bunch of custom reports and add them in as XML extensions.
          Take a look at Jeffs pages for some decent report examples. Heres one example: http://www.thatjeffsmith.com/archive/2012/01/sweet-child-report-o-mine/

          Then, you can export them out to XML and register them in the preferences under PRefs > Database > XML Extensions.

          Restart SQLDev and you'll be able to see the reports in the report navigator under shared reports.