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    404 -File or directory not found error

      We have had several users report the following error message that appears inside the Rich Text Editor that is used for Instructions on the Process Steps of Formulation specs, in

      +404 -File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for mighthave been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.+

      Here's the scenario. They are in edit mode on the Formulation Spec.
      They go to the Process tab.
      Click A Step, and see that there are several blank lines at the end of the instructions, and they want to clean up this blank space.
      So they click the Instructions link, and the Instructions pop-up in a rich text editor.
      They click in the editor near the bottom to get a prompt on the last blank line.
      They then hit the backspace key to delete the blank lines.
      As soon as they hit the backspace key the error is thrown in the editor; Not in an error message popup and no error log is recorded in the event logs.

      And to make it even more interesting it doesnt happen all the time!

      Has anyone else seen this behavior within Formulation specs?

      P.S. Its not the IE pop-up blocker either.
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          Matt J-Oracle
          Trey, i just did a quick test and was able to duplicate with the following steps:

          1. open instructions
          2. instead of clicking in the edit textbox, click below the edit textbox (ie. b/w the textbox and keywords)
          3. hit backspace

          my guess is, users are working quickly, think they click in the textbox, but accidently click outside the textbox. backspace is then trying to register a previous page command.

          However, we changed the rich text control in 6.1.1, and it looks like this issue has been corrected.

          if you find a different set of steps to recreate that triggers the 404, let us know.


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            Yes thats it. I can make it happen at will now. Thanks I let my users know what to do.