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    Deploy to Application Server Failed on a distributed environment

      Hi All,

      I am trying to configure new Hyperion verion on distributed environment but during configuring calculation manager to application server failed and getting error message like "Deploy to Application Server Failed". I am not sure what is issue and how to fix it. I have tried to read log files but I am not able to undersantd where to look and debug this issue.

      My Hyperion Environment over view as a below:-

      1- I have used Microsoft VMWARE to build my Hyperion Enviornment
      2- I have created 1 window server 2003 domain and made 4 clients of that domain. (All these systems have windows server 2003 installed). I have given name to each client server i.e. System A, System B, System C, System D
      3- I have installed SQL 2005 and created databases for all Hyperion components i.e. Shared services, calculation manager, epma on a system A
      5- I have installed and configured foundation services and weblogic server on a system B. (In this system I have installed and configured shared services, weblogic, workspace, and able to deploye application server on a same system)
      6- On a system A I am able to complete installation for hyperion Performance Management Architect and Calculation Manager and able to finish all type of configuration for these two components but as soon as system trying to configure any related to APPLICATION SERVER services it fails to configure. On a configuration summary page system shows everything is configured but APPLICATION SERVER says FAILED wrtten on a red color letters.

      I have explored log files and found that Calculation Manager application server failed to deploy or Deploy to Application server failed.....

      Since, I am not sure where to look and how to debug this issue I am requesting to all hyperion friends to help and guide me to debug as I have been trying to install this product since last friday and still no out put....

      I will be really thankful if someone share his or her wisdom to help me....

      Thank you to all in Advance.....