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    Oracle Quality Specification

      Dear All,

      Currently i am migrating oracle quality specification data to oracle but i unable to find the status of quality specification screen because when i save any record the status show "Draft" and when i change the status by Tools--> Request e-signature Approval then its status changed into "No Approval Required" kindly advice what is the purpose of status field when it is in "Draft" status and when it is in "No Approval Required" status.
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          I have found my query

          Specification Creation
          The e-record and e-signature capturing process starts after a specification is created and
          you select Request eSignature Approval from the Tools menu in the Specifications
          window (See: Defining Specifications). The specification has a status of Draft
          until you request e-signature approval. You can enter your signature online, while the
          event is happening in the window or in deferred mode. Any users responsible for
          additional required signatures receive workflow notifications informing them that their
          e-signature must be entered before the specification is approved for use. The workflow
          notification includes links to the e-record. You can view the status of the specification at
          any time. The Status field in the Specifications window shows whether the specification
          is draft, pending approval, approved for use, rejected, or no approval required. Select
          eRecord Details from the Tools menu to view the e-record associated with the

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