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    Customising Serach Results based on User Groups


      Is it possible to customize the set of products an end user sees based on the group it belongs to?
      I mean we have set of clients belonging to different groups each having their own product catalog, so based on the group, search
      results have to be very specific. Is there a way to achieve this w/o having separate endeca instances?
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          Branchbird - Pat
          You typically do this by translating custom catalogs and price lists into dimensions and catalog-specific properties so that the product set can be pre-filtered before applying search. I don't believe User Profiles will really give you what you want.

          The way I typically think about it is that User Profiles influence the way in which users are presented with content but it doesn't have an effect on the content itself. We've worked on the largest custom catalog project undertaken on the platform (back in our days at Endeca) so feel free to reach out if you need more information.


          Patrick Rafferty
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            Many Thanks Patrick, Yes even i thought user profiles are not gonna be of much of help here.
            I am not sure if i understand completely when you say 'translating custom catalogs into dimensions', will you be able to elaborate please?