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    Serialization and Deserialization of multiple objects from single file

      I have certain images and those images are coming periodically.
      I want to serialize all images one by one in a flat file.
      Please refer the following algorithm

      While(true) {
      Read the configured path and collect all images.
      For(image 1 to n){
      Prepare the serialize object
      Open the flat file in append mode and write that serialize object
      Move that file to the success folder.
      Sleep for some time
      After then I need to de-serialize all those objects written into that file.

      I am getting error while de-serialize all those objects.

      Please refer the following code for serialization.

      public void writeObjects(ImageDetails objSer) throws Exception {

                FileOutputStream fileOut = new FileOutputStream("D:\\Serialization\\image.ser", true);
                ObjectOutputStream out = new ObjectOutputStream(fileOut);
                }catch(Exception e){
                objSer = null;

      Please refer the following code for de-serialization

      public void readObjects(String filePath) throws IOException {
                FileInputStream fis = null;
                ObjectInputStream ois = null;
                ImageDetails imageDetails = null;
                try {
                     fis = new FileInputStream(filePath);
                     ois = new ObjectInputStream(fis);
                     while((imageDetails = (ImageDetails) ois.readObject()) != null){
                          imageDetails = null;
                } catch (Exception e) {
                } finally {

      I am getting this error while de-serializing(after serializing two objects in the flat file).
      java.io.StreamCorruptedException: invalid type code: AC
           at java.io.ObjectInputStream.readObject0(Unknown Source)
           at java.io.ObjectInputStream.readObject(Unknown Source)
           at FileWrite.readObjects(FileWrite.java:50)
           at FileWrite.main(FileWrite.java:17)
      Please help me for the same. I do not want to put all those images into a collection as after some time I will get another list of files and those files also needs to be seriliaze.