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    To Stop ATG search  in  Commerce Reference Store

    Rohan Dekate
      Hi Guys,
      Does any body has the Idea , how to stop ATG search in Commerce Reference Store.
      I Want to run Endeca Search,My data is indexed , i want to see the indexed data in Commerce reference Store. Any body has any Idea how Can i Perform this?
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          CRS version 10.1.2 requires Endeca and includes an Endeca assembler-based integration, and does not support ATG Search.

          CRS version 10.1.1 includes optional Endeca indexing modules to index CRS data, but does not include an Endeca integrated CRS storefront. CRS version 10.1.1 supports optional ATG Search modules, but can be run without them (in which case simple Repository-based searching is used).

          ATG and Endeca integrations can either follow the CRS 10.1.2's example of using a Nucleus-configured assembler and extending ATG Endeca integration platform features, or can do an integration as they would have before there was an ATG Endeca integration (for example, use a Spring-configured assembler and follow the model shown by Endeca's Discover Electronics).