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    silent installs - quick question

      Hi All

      We like to confirm if silent installations both 32-bit and 64-bit java jdk installs support installation directory option.
      On 64-bit JDK
      jdk.exe /s /v/qn INSTALLDIR=C:\software_installations\jdk1.6\ /L C:\software_installations\scripts\auto-install.log\

      We ask because we keep getting pop-ups on options to install but it doesnt have INSTALLDIR option.

      Does 32-bit JDK have different options ?
      What are the exact command string including option of install directory ?

      We like to silent install our 32-bit and 64-bit JDKs with our custom install directory, not using the default.

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          Not directly related but possibly... We found using /qn breaks the install on the JRE exe file and makes the installer ignore everything after it. Any time the installer encounters an invalid switch it stops parsing everything beyond that bad spot and will continue without an error.

          From the JRE install docs its either totally silent or manual.

          Using the msi is the only way I found to get it a passive install.

          Once again my experience is with the JRE exclusively so YMMV.

          One afterthought... I know some apps require the /qn to be the very last command in the string. try that. it cant hurt.
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            I don't work with the JDK much, just the JRE but this should still work. I've had too many issues installing java with the EXE. So after I download the offline installer, I run it until I get to the first screen, then I exit out. When you do this it extracts the MSI and CAB file to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\jre1.7.0_17\. Copy the MSI and CAB to the workstation and use msiexec.exe to do your install. My install batch has done thousands of installs this way and everything has worked fine so far.