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    How to pay Arrear for 100 employee base on Formula

      1. Suppose, we have around 100 employees join 1 JAN 2012 and x_elmeent is attached with every employee but the amount to be processed through fast formula base on grade if he/she is confirmed will get an amount otherwise pay value would be 0.

      2. I run payroll from Jan 2012 to DEC-2012.
      3. In Jan-2013 it was informed by payroll department that all the above 100 employee of joining 1-jan-2012 has been confirmed from 06-MAY-2012. Therefore we need to pay amount from 06-MAY-2012 to continue till service which would be calculated through formula base on grade either previous arrear or monthly bases.

      4. I created an element for X_element_Retro.
      5. I linked the element with employee to whom i require to give arrears.
      6.I linked the element x_element_Retro to the original basic salary through the Recalculation Tab in the element description form with
      the following details:
      Retro Components:
      component : Standard -Reprocess
      Retropay Elements : Start of Time-End of Time - x_elmeent_Retro

      7. I defined Assignment set including employee who is being given the arrears.
      8. I date tracked from Jan-2013 to 06-MAY-2012 and change basic salary value from old_x_amount to new_x_amount in element entry form of that employee and saved the record as retro pay behavior.

      ----- Case ------
      We Have problem here, because neither we fix the amount not to enter manual for 100 of employee which is very time consuming activity.
      Secondly, the amount would be remained same for next payroll on word because system will not run formula if the pay value defined under the assignment element entry form. So it’s mean we have to again remove pay value for each employee by manually.

      Please advice or share you opinion.