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    Benefits of upgrading to OIM 11G

    S M

      If everything is running fine in OIM 9.x version, what could be the benefits of upgrading to OIM 11G versions?

      Please suggest.

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          The request catalog feature has been introduced in 11gR2 which is a two step process to raise requests. This makes the whole process of request creation very simple.

          The UI looks better than 9.x since it is built in ADF and also customizations are pretty much easy which can be done in console.

          The new concept of sandbox has been introduced which is not there in 9.x. with this you can try out your customizations like adding UDF's or customizing UI inside this sandbox and publish it with mainstream.

          Approval workflow has been migrated to SOA which is more efficient when compared to the in-house approval workflows in 9.x.

          Bulk requests have been handled well in 11g versions

          Reconciliation engine has improved and becomes more efficient compared to 9.x

          There are lot more things you need to figure out based on your requirements. Please read through the docs available here

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            1) Business wise
            R2 is much more business friendly. It's structure is now simple and more secure than that of 11Gr1. Each and everything is request based. Shopping cart functionalities has beedn added. So manual provisioning is possible for multiple user for multiple resources at a single time.
            2) Technical development
            Most of things are simpleified for development as well. Few differences could be, we don't have seperate process and object form, same form is references everywhere. Template level approvals are not there. All requests are routed through SOA. You need to have skills on SOA as well.
            3) End user stand point
            We have two consoles now. End user can work on identity console where as admins can work on sysadmin console. Structure is seperated for both kind of users. Also UI is less heavy than that of 11Gr1.
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              S M
              Durgaprasad & idamGod !