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    Requests enter "failed" state without initiating approval

      Hi there. Our OIM 11g BP4 installation started having problem with requests. Some of them simply fail, and failing frequency is increasing.
      For all failed request the error message is the same:

      IAM-2050014:An error occurred while initiating approvals for request oracle.iam.request.exception.ApprovalServiceException: oracle.iam.request.exception.ApprovalPolicyAccessDeniedException: User oiminternal does not have access to SEARCH entity of type APPROVAL_POLICY.. The corresponding error message is {1}.

      Two peculiar things are worth noting:

      - the better part of those requests share the same template and are set to be auto-approved, via a proper approval policy;
      - failed and completed requests are intermixed, i.e. after a failed request there can be a completed request a moment later, or the other way around. That excludes a permission problem like the error message seems to suggest, IMHO.
      A real-life example taken right from our installation:

      1852 Provision Resource Request Completed
      1853 Provision Resource Request Failed
      1854 Provision Resource Request Failed
      1855 Provision Resource Request Completed
      1856 Provision Resource Request Completed
      1857 Provision Resource Request Failed
      1858 Provision Resource Request Failed

      All those request share the same request template and the same approval policy (which, as stated, is set to auto-approve the request).
      It looks like SOA approval is not even started, so this behaviour should not be related to SOA.

      Any hint of where to look to find the reason for these fails? It is a production environment and this behaviour is starting to become a serious problem.