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    Custom Attribute in OIM user Form is not populated.

      Hi Friends,

      I am new to this Identity Manager Technology. I really all ur support.

      I am using oracle Identity Manager version with JBoss server. The Target System is Sun One directory.

      1. I added the custom field street in Resource Object--Object Reconciliation Tab for Xellerate User and also for Iplanet Users objects.
      2. In Process definition, for iplanet user provisioning Process and Xellerate Users provisioning process, in Reconciliation Field Mappings. I mapped the street field to the UDF(street) and also for UD_iplanet_Street .
      3. When I run the task schedular for Iplanet User Recon, the string associated with the field in Iplanet is reflecting in resource profile of the user view/Edit. However, it is not populated in OIM User Form Field.

      Can you please help me in resolving the issue. I will provide any further needed information.

      Thanks and Regards,