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    Bug report - Named anchor - SSP page protection

      APEX 4.2.1 https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=57688:14

      The NEXT button does a URL redirect to Page 15 using the f?p= notation in order to scroll the page to a region at the bottom of the page using a named anchor f?p=....#bottom

      When Page 15 has the SSP Page Access Protection attribute set to Arguments must have checksum, the redirect fails because the link doesn't have the checksum

      The NEXT2 button does the same thing but uses the declarative fields to define the button target as follows http://screencast.com/t/OOw6Q6C2

      I thought that sticking the named anchor *#r620* in the with these values field and leaving the page items field blank will be a problem but it works fine, APEX generates the checksum as part of the f?p= URL and finally tacks on the named anchor. Just as it should, perfect.

      Now...when I go back to the Button edit page (4000:4314) the fields are empty! http://screencast.com/t/lMMmOlF2fYgc I was scratching my head but sure enough the behaviour is still the same.

      Exporting the page shows that the button target attributes are still set
        p_button_name    => 'NEXT2',
        p_button_action  => 'REDIRECT_PAGE',
        p_button_redirect_url=> 'f?p=&APP_ID.:5:&SESSION.::&DEBUG.:5::#r620',
      but the Builder page doesn't know how to handle the named anchor so it messes up the display. Of course, the Apply Changes button on the page now complains that the Page field is now empty so in effect, the button target cannot be edited using the Builder :-(

      Can someone in the APEX team please review this bug and advise if there is a workaround? Thanks