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    Oracle SQL Developer/Oracle 11g/Windows 7 - cannot connect "sys as sysdba"


      I downloaded and installed SQL Developer, the latest version, separately from Oracle 11g because the version that came with Oracle 11g was not working correctly.

      Now, I am trying to connect SQL Developer 3.2 to my installed Oracle 11g instance on Windows 7.

      I can connect with the username SYS AS SYSDBA using the text-based SQL PLUS, that came with Oracle 11g, with a null password and without any problem.

      However, when I try to connect to the same instance using Oracle SQL Developer 3.2, the graphical Java-based tool, I get this error:

      Status : Failure -Test Failed: ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

      I have already checked the Computer Management and I am already a member of the Administrators and "ORA_DBA" groups.
      I have already checked tnsnames.ora, and the like and everything is stated as it should be.
      I have also checked my SID and it matches what was named during Oracle 11g installation.

      Can somebody please tell me why I cannot connect using SYS AS SYSDBA?