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    JPA caching


      Could somebody help me to find answer does EclipseLink JPA implementation NativeQuery cache results of stored procedure execuing like
      call get_entities(2,3,2);
      Is here some way to have stored procedures excection result cached with JPA otherwise?

      Greatest thanks in advance,
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          By default, EclipseLink stores query results in the session cache.

          PLSQLStoredProcedureCall may be used with EclipseLink JPA.
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            You will get better help with EclipseLink runtime on the EclipseLink forum.


            - Konstantin
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              Greetings Dvohra,

              Thank you for you reply, but I have notes Eclipselink manual covers NamedQueries and Queries only in the cache paragraph (I have no direct link right now to this material). Also here are no proofs of that kind Eclipselink could catch calling stored procedures of deleting database records and to make changes in cache needed like
              # delete from goods where id > 3 and id < 112;
              call delete_goods(3,112);
              Greetings Konstantin,

              Thank you for you reply - I have posted to Eclipse forum, but I still have no luck to get answers.

              Best regards,