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    SQL/Data Warehouse Advice

      Hello All,

      I am new to Sql/Datawarehousing. Below listed are the topics on which i need guidance .

      1. ETL design skills
      2. Data Warehousing implementation Experience
      3. Hands on experience in using AutoSystem Tool
      4. Working knowledge of SQL and Oracle
      5. Knowledge on Unix Scripting
      6. Finance billing domain knowledge
      7. Effective Module Design, Code-Reviews & Testing
      8. Effective Project Documentation .

      I am not sure how to go about to learn the above mentioned skills. Please Advice me on if i need to join a training institute or is that something that i can learn it myself one after the other.

      If there are any training institute can you recommend some.

      If i can study myself - where to start and what next ?

      I really appreciate your advice.

      Thank You
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          Mark D Powell
          You have listed a wide list of semi-related skills. The cheapest place to start is likely with the Oracle documentation set since you get it free with your database or can download it off OTN.

          For a DBA you should read the Concepts and DBA Administration Guide while for a developer there is the Application Developers Guide - Fundamentals. After that Oracle has a Warehousing Guide and you would probably need also read up on Large Objects which has an Application Developers Guide devoted to this subject. Throw in the SQL and PL/SQL manuals.

          To become full knowledgable on the complete list of subjects you posted could easily take years.

          You may want to look into buying some books like Mastering Oracle SQL and SQL*Plus (Oaktable Press) by Lex de Haan and then for Warehousing look up (Ralph) Kimball who represents on of the major schools of warehouse design. the Kimball groups offers a lot of information on their web site while on Amazon some links for free downloads appeared including: http://vip.informatica.com/?elqPURLPage=872&mkwid=suBLvkrE0&pcrid=9189244933&kw=ralph%20kimball&mt=e&gclid=CN7Ti73MkLUCFWKCQgodyx0AXg

          I would try the Kimball Group site before proving email contact info.

          Items 7 & 8 are basic Computer Science topics and there are numerous books on the subjects as well as web articles.

          HTH -- Mark D Powell --