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    When drilling to lower level - Totals are not matching in BI Analytics OOB

      Hi All,

      I am creating a report in Analytics , OBIEE 11g - Let’s say Budget Cost/Actual Cost based on the Date Dimension

      Have selected the Fiscal Year Dim, Fact Budget Cost, Fact Actual Cost

      FY BCost ACost

      2011 100 120
      2012 150 140
      Total 250 260

      But here when I am drilling down from Year to Quarter and Period - The values are not matching with the totals....

      FY FY Qrt BCost ACost

      2011 2011 Q1 80 100
      2011 Q2 100 90
      2011 Q3 110 120
      2011 Q4 90 130
      Total 380 440

      Fiscal Year, Fiscal Quarter Budget Cost and Actual Cost are not returning correct results – When selecting cost's by fiscal year, or filtering on a specific fiscal year, the amount returned does not equal the fiscal year total;

      when I am drilling down to Quarter and Period Level the BCost & ACosts are bumping the Numbers as above and not matching with totals

      Any suggestions?