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    clarification please regarding apex 5 statement of direction

      From APEX 4.2 statement of direction (SOD):
      Application Deployment – Provide enhanced capabilities for packaging and distributing APEX applications to improve protection of intellectual property rights and ease customization
      Did not make 4.2 as noted during this thread: apex 4.2 statement of direction: protection of intellectual property

      From APEX 5.0 SOD: Application Builder Security – Allow different authentication schemes to be used to control developer access to the Application Builder.
      Can someone from Oracle, please provide more detail on this line. IE: will it be possible to export and import applications to provide protection on the APEX code?

      The desired goal is to either completely hide or encrypt (similar to pl/sql wrap functionality) the APEX code.
      The application builder administrator, at the import site (the customer), should not be able to over-ride or reverse the protection implemented by the designer/developer.
      It should also not be capable to discern the code from either APEX or SQL query.
      It would also be necessary to allow existing 4.2 APEX applications to be upgraded to take advantage of the application protection features. IE: it would not be limited to newly created applications.