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    Integration script for Mapping

      Is it possible to write an integration script which could connect to an excel file and get its source and target mapping values ?
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          I'm 99.9% positive I could do this. The question would be why?
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            Apparently my client seems to put so much effort in getting these mappings, that he is not ready to put that extra effort of converting it into FDM map loader format.
            So he wants me to pick up his file and get the mapping.

            Appreciate any pointers on this.

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              I just use a simple excel formula to create a ledgerlink format file when people give me big excel files they need put into FDM.

              P.S. While I"m not going to write up entirely what you need, I'll give you some help. If you look at this thread : https://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=2291710 I posted a script that creates a true Excel file. You can use a lot of that code to work in the opposite direction enabling you to read cells from the excel file. This will solve one of your problems, though you still need to work out how to update the map with this info.

              P.S.2 - It should be noted that Microsoft *DOES NOT* officially support Office Automation on production servers due to performance/reliability. I personally haven't had issue in the past; however, keep this in mind.


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