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    Disable the POV row

      We are upgrading and the new smartview is wreaking havoc on our vba code we use to build reports? Can the hidden POV row that is shown/hidden on row 1 be disabled in the new SmartView ( Thanks!
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          No the POV row has to be there. It is causing minor issues for a client who uses a prevvious version of Smart View as it adds a row and shifts everything down and changes all the formatting.
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            Matt Milella-Oracle
            POV toolbar can either be on or off and this will determine the state of the POV row(s). Can you give some details on what sort of havoc you are seeing and we can help you avoid it.
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              The havoc is in having to change the code where (like Glenn said) it shifts everything down. Unfortunately, quite a bit of hard coding is present in moving the data points about. That's no fault of SmartView, the new version is great in my opinion!

              So, the first excel driver I just delete the POV row after every retrieve before letting the remaining VBA code move the data retrieval sheet data into several formatted sheets, then save those sheets off as a separate workbook, and then move to the next member (so it's repeating for 100's of members).

              Now I'm on another excel driver implementing the same concept. So, row 1 and 2 have the month and year respectively. Upon retrieval it adds the POV row1, I delete it and then try to drill in on a4 (row 1 and 2 have not changed at this point). That's when it gets interesting. It blows away my month row, sticks it and the other POV's not on the sheet in row 1. I would have expected it to just add the POV to row 1, and row 2 and 3 be my month and year now repsectively. And, it changes the month to the dimension name and doesn't maintain the month selected. Looks like I have some work to do on this one.

              The difference in the first excel file is there is no drilling occurring, so that may be the difference. I'm still testing and working with it, but thought if there was an easy way to turn off the POV row I would have minimal changes to do.

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                Matt Milella-Oracle
                OK It would be great if you could log and SR. We are looking for more upgrade use cases and want to make sure this can go smooth. When we added the row we went through a lot of use cases and our goal was that it would have no impact on workbooks. It is obviously impossible for us to hit every case so we are looking a a few more. In face Glenn has just provided a bunch.