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    The criteria you entered provide too many matching results.

      Hi Guru's,

      I am facing one issue while searching for a customer in one customer search page. Actually i have one VO Customization for this and now i am searching for one customer suppose 112296, But i am unable to find this customer,

      In the backend i have this customer number and i have run same VO which i was done my customization in the query backend am able to fetch that customer but in front end i am getting this following error --

      This instance is having 3 nodes and i have another instance also which is one node and i have done same customization to that one also.

      Error is
      The criteria you entered provide too many matching results. Enter aditional criteria or modify the match rule to get fewer, appropriate results.

      I have another instance which was also having same VO customization and there i am able to get that customer number 112296 and this instance is having only single node.

      What is the work around to get my customer search page to work properly.

      I have one work around for the first instance to get that customer number in front end is like i have gone to "Advanced Search" option and try to search for now based on "Address" that customer number is bearing 112296 is having suppose "Kukatpally" is the address and now the magic is now i can able to find the customer based on this address i am getting this customer number in that instance.

      But i dont need to do like that i want to search with the only customer number , SO please guys tell me how to do this .