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    How to Erase already generated forecast from Demantra

      Hi All

      We are new demantra user organization. Recently after Go-live we decided not to generate forecast for a bunch of items. Accordingly, we turned off the flag "Do not Do" forecast and rerun the engine. However, our forecasting horizon is for 102 weeks. So from previous weeks of engine run, we had forecast already in application for those items for 100+ weeks.

      Now after, turning that flag off and rerunning the engine, demantra is not generating new forecast for them. But for old forecasts still remain in the system. How to erase these forecasts?

      Any help will be appreciated.


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          You have couple of options here:
          1. Consider to change the flag to "Do Zero Forecast", thus forcing engine to generate a ZERO Forecast for such old/inactive/disabled items. You will have to also get rid of any manual forecast overrides which you may have done in other series to completely reduce final forecast to ZERO.

          2. Check out "ResetForeVals" parameter in System Parameters > engine > Shell tab of business modeler. You may consider setting this parameter to a value of "Yes" or "All". Remember that a setting of "All" will affect engine run time, mainly the amount of time engine would take to clean up the FORE_X column prior to generating a new forecast.

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            You can do this thru program as well by setting the FORE_X column to zero(Pick FORE column dynamically from forecast_history table) in sales_data table for the sales_date <= max_sales_date.