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    OTL - Table Relationship between Timecard and Workflow

      Hi All,

      Our employees work multiple projects and charge their time thru OTL to each of individual project as appropriate every pay period. Each project has it's own project manager. When an employee sumbits his timecard for approval the workflow routes an approval notification to EACH project manager. Every project manager must approve the employee's timecard before the "overall" timecard status is APPROVED.

      For example, an employee works on four diffent projects - each project has a different PM. When the employee submits his timecard for approval an approval notification is sent to all four PMs. However, more than occasionally at least one of the PMs doesn't approve the timecard in a timely fashion so the employee's timecard is "hung up" waiting for approval.

      I need to write a query in which I specifiy both an employee and particular pay period, and the query returns for the employee/pay peirod EACH Project Name, the PM for the respective project, and whether or not the the PM has approved the employee's time for the respective PM's project in the specified pay period.

      Unfortunately I don't really know where to start. I don't know if there is an HXC or group of HXC tables that would allow me to report on the individual project manager's 'status' (i.e., has a PM approved his project in the employee's timecard)...or do I need to allow include some workflow tables such as (maybe ?) wf_notifications ? And if I need to include some WF tables can someone help me understand where the relationship between timecard and WF is definded/stored (in other words, for a particular timecard how can I query a WF table - for example, wf_notifications - and find all the respective notifications associated with that particular timecard ?

      I hope my question is clear, but please advise if you have any questions. Thanks in advance for the help !!