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    ProtocolChange droplet limitations and work around

      I am trying to convert some url from secure to non secure protocol [https to http] - I am aware that protocolchange can help do that but, the architecture for our site is such that those urls are being controlled from BCC - [static content]. I wonder what are other possible options to get this working ? Absolute url is a no no.

      ATG v 9.1
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          ProtocolChange Droplet doesnt do any magics to convert the URLs, what it does that it will return you an absolute URL including protocol based on the flag you have set, i.e. which flag you set as true, secureUrl or nonSecureUrl.

          For example, if your URL is given as www.google.com and secureUrl is set as true it will return a URL that reads https://www.google.com.

          This droplet is useful only if you want to provide absolute URLs with protocol for example to avoid mixed content etc.

          I think it will work in case if you give a relative URL as well, the output would be an absolute URL with the context included, not sure though.