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    Issue with Dashboard customization in OBIEE 11G

      Hi All,

      I have a dashboard page with 1 prompt and 4 sections. My need is to show all sections minimized when a user logs in to the analytics. So as a Admin I have minimized all sections and saved the customization for others as Default customization.

      Now the problem is I have column called Month in my Prompt, which is a Multi select column, for this column I made to select few values by default using SQL results option, which basically selects all months less than current month, for example current month is Jan'13 so values till Dec'12 month will be checked by default. Since we have saved customization, the month column is not getting refreshed , for example when I login to analytics on Feb'13 , the data is still checked till Dec'12, which ideally should also include Jan'13 as well.

      Anyone please advise on this issue.

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          I used this method with success in a number of dashboards, it should work also in your case.
          I defined the dashboard prompt to have column values defaulted in some way (by means of specifying explicit values, using SQL results or variables, etc - the method does not matter).
          I built the dashboard page including prompt and analyses.
          Then I run the dashboard page and, without doing anything other, I collapsed the sections I wanted to start as closed and saved as shared customization.
          It does work fine in my case, the prompt works as specified.
          Hope this helps,