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    master detail solution

      I have 3 tables
      persons (idpers,name)
      I need to find persons that have a child named "DAN" and a cousin named "VICTOR"
      Real situation involves 12 tables
      Can i solve this with ADF in a master detail relation ?
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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          While you can parse the master/detail association on an entity level I think that this may be too slow. So instead i would use a SQL filter (where clause) and use that on the person view (depends on how you need the information about this person to be used). If you only need to display the person name, then probably issuing a prepared statement and displaying the returned user name is efficient. If you want to display and manipulate this persons data, then you use a where clause (dynamic so you can go as complex in the filter as you want) applied at runtime that queries the person table acordingly. All other dependent information will be displayed accordingly.

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            An example will be usefull