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    Oracle java pool

      Hi everyone,

      I have on tomcat application witch uses conn. pool for executing procedure in packages. The problem is when I recompile package I must restart tomcat, because java returns error that package is in invalid state (caching error msg). I belive that this happens because of conn. pool.
      Is there a option in connection pooling so that java will now when package is recompiled.

      thanks in advance.
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          In an oracle session (when tomcat establishes connection with oracle) if an existing procedure is compiled which is being used by java currently, for the next run u will be getting the error (session persistence), and in the same session if u try to re-execute (i mean if u call [CALLABLE STMT] the procedure again) the error will not come.
          This is not the issue with connection pool, its default behavior of oracle. So, the CALLABLE STMT can be re-executed when exception occurs, that would resolve the issue.