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    Question about Json and webservices, looking for guidance / right direction

      Hey everyone

      I am doing a little project in apex 4.2 and it's basically a little movie database with a ton of dvd's I have at home.
      The goal is to scan the DVD barcode and make it appear in the database without me having to type a thing.

      I went over to "searchups" to get info from the barcode and they have API's you can use (Json and csv), so I started poking around with webservice and was able to get response from the API with for example {0 {"productname":} which was nice. But I was not sure what to do with it, I ended up doing some regexp and replace to get just the title in the database, however this is no fun since it's very limited since I get a lot of more information if I do this "proper"

      So my big question is if anyone have been using apex 4.2 and Json webservice? How can I translate the result into normal text? I've seen a lot of Json examples, but it's usually based on pre 4.2 and since it's built in now in 4.2 I expect it to be a little bit easier, most examples seems to be about converting database output to Json output, but I want the opposite.

      Hopefully anyone can point me in the right direction where I should start.

      DB version is (XE) and Apex 4.2.1