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    obiee 11g with JDE (DB2/AS400)

      Hi experts! I have an assignment to do!

      I have to implement obiee connecting to db2/as400 but I see that obiee is very slow to retreive db2 data from answers analytics.... Is that normal?

      It would be better if I have a ETL (DB2/AS400 --> Oracle DB) and then obiee connect to Oracle DB?

      Which is the best option to see jde data more faster?

      Any advice to accomplish this?

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          I can only tell you by experience. Given the structure of JDE tables, it's quite hard to map a BI business model (star-schema based) and have it work with decent response times when data is queried - this is valid even if you don't take the database (Oracle, DB2, etc) into account. In my experience, directly mapping the JDE tables in OBIEE works properly only on very limited subject areas. For example, we mapped a very small subject area built around the customer ledger table - but, for example, we had to build a dimension table from a number of JDE tables because otherwise the performance was very very poor. As a matter of fact, in this case we built a solution based on a mixed approach: direct access to JDE tables + access to ad-hoc tables when needed.
          Generally speaking, consider to have an ETL based approach.
          Should you consider to directly map JDE tables, I suggest you to carefully specify database source and connection pool details.
          Hope this helps,

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