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    call stored procedure from VOImpl


      in VOImpl i have a method getSelectedRows()
      which gets me rows selected in table by user.
      then, i need to call stored procedure for each row.

      so , the parameters for my procedure is stored in VOImpl
      and the only way to call procedure is from BB only:

      ApplicationModule am = this.getApplicationModule();
      OracleCallableStatement st = (OracleCallableStatement)am.getDBTransaction().createCallableStatement("...some pl/sql code"); end;",0);

      please advice me how to deal with it:
      1. how to make use of OracleCallableStatement from VOImpl
      2.how pass parameters (a list ) to my BB
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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          1. on the ApplicationModuleImpl file (Java file you create using the AM Java option) you expose a method like

          public void processSelectedRows(List primaryKeys){


          2. In the AM Java dialog, you then create a client interface, select the public method so it is exposed on the Data Control
          3. Refresh the data control to see the AM method
          4. In the Pagedef file (or if you want a command button directly added to your page, by drag and drop from the DC) create a new method binding and select the AM to choose the method you want to invoke programmatically from e.g.a managed bean (OperationBinding ....)
          5. The method binding is created with an argument item that you can either point to a managed bean that exposes setter/getter for the list of arguments (use EL), or provide programmaticaly a value to by calling operationBinding.getParamsMap().put("argument name", list);

          For the rest of how to invoke a callable statement, read the product documentation: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/web.1111/b31974/bcadvgen.htm#sm0297

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            thank you for reply.

            1.Can't DBTransaction be accessed from VOImpl?
            2.well, my problem is all about passing list of parameters
            i can see list of input paarmeters printed out, but don't know how to pass it to AMImpl
            could you please comment on #5?
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              Mohammad Jabr
              Hello grodno,
              check this {message:id=9952600}
              it is slightly different case, but the idea is the same.