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    Endeca sample cartridges set up problem on Setting up a test application


      I'm new to endeca.I followed a tutorial in on Oracle Endeca commerce experience manager cartridge developers guid version 3.1.0.In that there is a exercise to set up a test application based on Discover Electronics in page 31.Under that it needs to change the $ENDECA_TOOLS_ROOT/reference/sandbox/assembler-context.xml file.In that file it should some code fragment like below.need to change bold text.

      <bean id="authoringContentSource" class="com.endeca. infront.content.source .AuthoringContentSource"
      scope="singleton" lazy-init="true">
      <property name="sitePath" value="/sites/*Test*"/>
      <property name="rootUrl" value="/ifcr"/>
      <property name="host" value="localhost"/>
      <property name="port" value="8006"/>
      <property name="serviceUrl" value="/ifcr/system/endeca/contentResolver"/>
      <property name="user" value="admin"/>
      <property name="password" value="admin"/>

      but when i go to change the file it has something like below.

      <bean id="contentSource" class="com .endeca. infront. content. source. WorkbenchContentSource"
      scope="singleton" destroy-method="destroy">
      <!-- Common parameters -->
      <constructor-arg index="0" value="${preview.enabled}" />
      <constructor-arg index="1" value="${workbench.app.name}" />
      <constructor-arg index="2" value="/pages" />
      <constructor-arg index="3" value="${workbench.host}" />
      <!-- AuthoringContentSource parameters -->
      <constructor-arg index="4" type="int" value="${workbench.port}" />
      <constructor-arg index="5" value="admin" />
      <constructor-arg index="6" value="admin" />
      <constructor-arg index="7" value="false" />
      <!-- LiveContentSource parameters -->
      <constructor-arg index="8" type="int" value="${workbench.publishing.serverPort}" />
      <constructor-arg index="9" type="int" value="${workbench.publishing.clientPort}"/>
      <constructor-arg index="10">
      <bean factory-bean="springUtility" factory-method="getContextPath" />
      </constructor-arg >
      <constructor-arg index="11">
      <bean factory-bean="springUtility" factory-method="getRealPath" />
      </constructor-arg >

      I confused and could not determine which lines should i change.Can anybody tell me how to change the above code?