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    Properties on composite level


      Im making a project for Oracle SOA Suite 11g. What i want is to have properties that are accessible to all the components. I have tried to define properties in the composite.xml file. It works and they show up in the MBeanBrowser, but i can't access the mfrom the BPEL components. I have tried using the ora:getPreference() function, but this seems to only look for properties defined within the component itself.

      Is there any way t odefine properties on composite level and acces them on composite level.

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      Oddgeir Gitlestad
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          I guess there is no option to access the property from another composite directly. But still if you want to have some kind of global property through out all your composite, in that case you can store all those property definition either in a file or database and then build a composite which can access these properties from the file or DB through adapter.

          Then use that common composite to be used in all other composites using Web service . Then use the Config Plan to change those property values for different environments during deployment and these property values.

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