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    saw.dll?BIEEHome&startPage=1 & ?Logoff HTML

      I'm new to OBIEE (11g) and basically, here's the problem we're having:

      We changed our header to include our new logo. The logo appears, but on the log on and log off page, the logo is the wrong width.

      Here's what I've found by simply viewing the source:
      <table id="branding" class="branding" width="100%" border="0"cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
      <td id="logoCell" class="logo" width="*180*" valign="middle" height="25">
      <img alt="" title="" src="/analytics/res/sk_blafp/login/oracle_logo.png" width="*119*" border="0" height="25">

      So, it appears correctly in the XML we modified, but not in the HTML that the page is using to display.

      What's the name of the file(s) where the width="119" comes from?