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    Bug report - apex_application_page_regions

      APEX 4.2.1

      The APEX_APPLICATION_PAGE_REGIONS view has a column parent_region_name that is empty even though the parent_region_id is populated.

      Looking into the source code for the view
          *r.plug_name                          region_name*,
          r.parent_plug_id                     parent_region_id,
            when r.parent_plug_id is not null then
                ( select *region_name*
                    from wwv_flow_page_plugs
                   where id = r.parent_plug_id )
          end                                  parent_region_name,
      I don't know what the region_name column is supposed to contain (it is almost always empty) but the correct column to use in this case would be plug_name

      Can someone from Oracle please file a bug? BTW what is the purpose of the region_name column?