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    Task Creation Audti Messages

      Hi All,

      Is there a way i can restrict the note creation in my service request. When i am manually creating a task, all the details given in the task are getting recorded in Log and Notes section of the service request.

      Notes as shown below:-

      *** 31-JAN-2013 09:08:01 Interaction: 2791762 Mullins, Terri L (RVEGURU) A task is created
      *** 31-JAN-2013 09:08:00 Task Assignment 2101352:
      Assignee Type: ----- --> Group Resource
      Assignee: ---------- --> Eastern OFS Group
      *** 31-JAN-2013 09:07:55 Task 2101352: Mullins, Terri L (RVEGURU)
      Task Type: --------- --> Service Form
      Task Status: ------- --> Open
      Task Priority: ----- --> Unprioritized
      Owner Type: -------- --> Group Resource
      Owner: ------------- --> Eastern OFS Group
      Planned Start Date: --> 31-JAN-2013 09:06:26
      Planned End Date: -- --> 31-JAN-2013 09:06:26
      Task Subject: ------ --> test1
      Publish Flag: ------ Unchecked --> Checked
      Restrict Closure: -- Unchecked --> Checked

      Please find the screenshot attached. I do not need these messages to be displayed to business user. Hence i would like to know if there is a way to turn off this note creation. Please find the log and notes screenshot attached