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    OK prompt nvalias

      We have a server V440 has two hard disk. They are mirrored using SVM. The current OBP setup is:

      boot-device disk net disk net

      disk /pci@1f,700000/scsi@2/disk@0,0

      we want to set up an alias so that server can boot from disk1. what alias should we set up?

      nvalias disk1 /pci@1f,700000/scsi@2/disk@1,0:a


      nvalias disk1 /pci@1f,700000/scsi@2/sd@1,0:a

      What is the difference between "sd" and "disk" as above
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          Have you tried just simply trying to boot from your OK prompt with:
          <tt>boot disk1</tt>
          That "disk1" name is customarily already aliased and hard-coded in a SPARC system's firmware.

          Any way...
          Here's a link to the OBP 4.x Command Reference Manual:
          Save a copy and perhaps even print it out for future needs.

          The following can get you to a quick-reference chart of commonly used OBP commands:
          Save a copy of that as well.

          (Your V440 was designed to have OBP version 4.x and I found both of those links with a Google search on "OBP 4 manual".)
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            Thank you for replying.

            I tried. Server is able to boot up using either "disk@1,0:a" format or "sd@1,0:a" format.

            My question is, what is the difference between "disk@1,0:a" format and "sd@1,0:a" format in OBP nvalias command? which one is more appropriate?

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              For what you have described in your initial post, there is probably no functional difference. The "sd reference is from the device pathing along the PCI bus and the "disk" reference is from the OBP aliasing.

              Make a choice and use it consistently. That will help you in the future to remember what you've done.