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    Need recommendation: OpenWorld vs Collaborate vs ODTUG

      I can probably go to one (but only one) this year, and was wondering if anyone had any insight into which of these conferences would be 'best' given that I need to focus on:
      - Oracle Database (primary) - performance, scalability, high availability, manageability etc. - in short everything I need to be a slightly less incompetent DBA
      - OBIEE - we don't yet use this but will probably be starting a project in the next year and I need to know how to both develop and support in this product
      - Data warehousing - best practices, performance, etc.

      Not really interested in Oracle's many acquisitions (JD, PeopleSoft, etc.) other than perhaps mySQL, but really the items above are most important, and I'm hoping for the more highly technical sessions and not sales pitches/high level case studies/product announcements