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    Planning via Workspace web not working properly with IE9

      Hi all,

      Is this a compatibility issue with IE9 for Workspace that a lot of issues pop-up. I currently upgraded to "Windows 7" from Win-XP so now have IE9 on my machine.
      Eg. 1 Although I have a B.R. attached to the form but when I open the form, I can't see B.R. on the left bottom pane which was showing up on IE8.
      Eg. 2 When I try to logout from Workspace, sometimes I get an error: "An error was encountered while closing all content."
      Eg. 3 If I try to open multiple tabs with Forms, Reports etc. I am not able to jump back n forth on those. So I have to logout & only open one tab & then if I have to open another tab I have to logout & log back into workspace again.

      Is this a problem with IE9 or is it corrupt on my machine, should I re-install IE9?