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    FTP Adapter - Send (Target)


      I have interconnect 9i standalone installation on HP-UNIX with most of the adapters installed.

      The integration scenario/flow of the data is:

      Source: DB Adapter
      Target: DB Adapter and FTP.

      I have multiple targets in the above scenario. The integration trigger point is change in a table of the Source DB Adapter.

      The integration works fine from Source DB to Target DB. Whereas the second target adapter FTP is not receiving the data/creating a file as mentioned in the parameter file.sender.file_name_rule in the adapter.ini file. I have included the settings of my adapter.ini below:



      the other settings is as default. Could any one help me why i am not able receive the file. The APP view of the Ftp adapter was created using a DTD. I exported the PL/SQL code for the application and got a empty package definition. Hence i didnt create the package for Ftp.

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          I have not used the FTP Adapter to send data but how have you defined the defined the message type for the subscribing FTP adapter? I would expect this to be XML (or D3L) but you are saying that you exported the PL/SQL for the FTP adapter?
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            I defined the message type as XML (ota.type=XML). I thought i may have to create the PL/SQL package for FTP adapter too - like a DB Adapter. But now my integration is working and both the DB and FTP adapter are subscribing the message from the hub. Actually i had some of the receiving end property enabled and then i commented them and restarted the adapter then it started working.