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    OBIEE Paretto Chart drill down

    Ganesh A Moovera 25
      A Pareto chart when created using OBIEE drills down to the incorrect hierarchial map. This was a bug with OBIEE 10g:

      NOTE:517727.1 - pareto charts

      It was originally an issue with the use of Corda charts. This was supposed to be fixed with the move to OBIEE 11g but it does not seem to be so in our case, since we encounter the same error.

      Original OBIEE 10g error: https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/ui/km/DocumentDisplay.jspx?_afrLoop=738674755173621&id=1200914.1&_afrWindowMode=0&_adf.ctrl-state=k53hrt132_215

      I will look around on the forum, but any insight would help
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          Ganesh A Moovera 25
          I will try and explain the sequence of occurances on an Oracle "Sample Sales Lite" analysis, in case it needs to be recreated.

          It is a very simple analysis using the “Sample Sales lite” subject area provided by Oracle. The criteria is just company from within offices as the dimension and revenue from within base fact as the fact.

          The typical hierarchial drill path for the “Company” dimension within offices as per the RPD definition is Company > Organization > Department > Office.

          When viewed as a table this drill path works perfectly fine. When we represent the same as a Paretto chart, on clicking on “Stockplus Inc”, the output drills down to a breakdown of "Genmind Corp" instead. This is the same when viewed as an analysis and on a dashboard.

          I have seen similar occurances with bubble charts as well. Do let me know.
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            Ganesh A Moovera 25
            Another interesting pointer is that this is not always the case. Certain combinations of fact-dimensions work just fine and this discrepancy is observed with just certain combinations. I am unable to decipher why this is so.