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    Tree Link on a new Window?

      I have this Query in a tree page (apex 4.2), but i need open a .pdf file in a new window. It's possible?

      select case when connect_by_isleaf = 1 then 0
      when level = 1 then 1
      else -1
      end as status,
      "THEME" as title,
      null as icon,
      "ID" as value,
      null as tooltip,
      'http://disk1/docs/'||'filename.htm'||'" target="_blank"' ???????????? Is not working
      from "#OWNER#"."TI_DOCS"
      start with "YEAR_REF" is null
      connect by prior "ID" = "YEAR_REF"
      order siblings by "THEME"

      Thanks any help.